BUDtender School Debuts in Las Vegas

Nevada’s first-ever medical marijuana school teaches budding business entrepreneurs on April 13
Las Vegas, Nevada – April 1, 2013 – The alluring smoky haze of medical marijuana could lead to euphoric profits for enterprising business people attending Cannabis Career Institute (CCI), Nevada’s first-ever medical marijuana school. CCI makes its Las Vegas grand “red carpet” entrance on Saturday, April 13.

CCI offers classes on the A-to-Z art and science of establishing and maintaining a successful delivery and dispensary medical marijuana business. The classes will cover legal and compliance aspects, marketing, operating, budgeting, growing, cooking, and much more. CCI has been launching full-range medical marijuana classes throughout the nation for over five years. Each class holds up to 100 students and the school offers lifetime enrollment- any class, anytime, anywhere – to ensure students stay current with industry changes. All classes are taught by highly skilled instructors and, after attending the school, the students will be armed with the knowledge to open and successfully operate their own medical marijuana business.

And just so we clear the rare air, this is not a class that teaches the in’s and out’s of growing a secluded stash at Mount Charleston, and there aren’t any courses on how to make clandestine deals on the Las Vegas Strip.

Medical marijuana has become a leading centerpiece of local conversation. Just last week members of the Nevada legislature took a trip to an Arizona medical marijuana dispensary so they could further define a current medical marijuana bill proposal. This “new deal” could lead to a win-win proposition of epic economic proportions for Las Vegas business leaders and city governments still struggling with strained budgets and reeling from recessional woes. The time is ripe.

Conservatively speaking, according to Robert Calkin, founder of CCI, the average dedicated and focused dispensary that grows and distributes medical marijuana can quickly earn up to $10,000 per day- an average master grower could make $250,000 a year!

The Las Vegas school will debut on Saturday, April 13, at The Hilton Garden (1340 W. Warm Springs Rd., Las Vegas/Henderson, NV 89104), from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Each student has an option to purchase an accompanying textbook and have an opportunity to meet and talk to experts in the field, including accountants, attorneys, grow experts, edible experts, strain experts and more. The school cost is $249. Discounts are available for students, the elderly and handicapped.

Enroll in the CCI Las Vegas school at http://cannabiscareerinstitute.com/events/las-vegas-april-13th/ or call (800) 753-2240. Further information on CCI: http://cannabiscareerinstitute.com


Media interested can attend a pre-class Q & A session on Friday, April 12 at 1:00. Need to submit a credential request form at http://www.cannabiscareerinstitute.com/mediaform.htm no later than 9am April 10. The venue will be provided via e-mail to each confirmed attendee. Media spaces and times are very limited. First come, first served.

About Cannabis Career Institute

Cannabis Career Institute (CCI),www.CannabisCareerInstitue.com, was founded in March 2008, by Robert Calkin, and is now the second oldest school in the nation. There are over 1,500 successful graduates hailing from at least ten cities, including Sacramento, Phoenix, Boston, Seattle, and Los Angeles. CCI is poised for phenomenal growth in 2013, with plans to launch classes in medical marijuana in up to 30 U.S. and Canadian cities.

More than just emphasizing the delivery aspects of medical marijuana, CCI classes are focused on providing a complete and exhaustive medical marijuana business education- incorporating legal aspects, business dispensary planning, and the marketing principles necessary to be successful in this burgeoning industry.

In addition to hosting a growing number of medical classes around the country, CCI offers a wide array of online classes and one-on-one consultations on delivery, dispensing and cooking along with other services.

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