Orlando, FL November 1st

Time: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Location: Courtyard by Marriott Orlando Airport

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Don’t wait for the laws to change in your state. Get prepared now!

Get ahead of the curve. Find out NOW what you will need to qualify to be a medical marijuana business in your area. Find a location for your business that’s zoned correctly BEFORE anyone else does, get the best attorney in town FIRST, assemble the most qualified team of growers and make them offers BEFORE anyone else does.

Don’t get bogged down and intimidated by the current rules in your state. The opportunities in this industry are incredible but you need to be WAY more savvy then the next person. A 600 BILLION DOLLAR industry is barreling down the tracks to your hometown sooner than you think and you need to BE PREPARED.

Even if you weren’t thinking of setting up shop in your state, wouldn’t you like to know about the many options open to you IN OTHER STATES? And even if you “don’t think your state is ready for that sort of thing” wouldn’t you still like to know HOW THEY DO IT in other states so maybe, just maybe you could eventually change the status quo in yours?

Don’t get sidetracked in minutiae. Every state will have a medical marijuana program eventually–on that you can bet. The question is HOW PREPARED WILL YOU BE?

Do you know what it takes to create a marijuana business IN ANY STATE regardless of the current or future rules?

Do you understand the corporate structures that need to be in place in order for you to get paid in this industry? How to legally draw a salary even though you may be operating as a NON-PROFIT or NOT-FOR-PROFIT entity?

Do you know how to create an ACTION PLAN™ that will be the blueprint for your cannabis business?

Do you know how to assemble an ACTION TEAM™ qualified enough to get your business plan approved? We will have EXPERTS THERE from every field! (Attorney, Grow, Edibles, Dispensary Management, Accountant, etc.)

If the answer is NO you need to be at the next Cannabis Career Institute seminar.

Call (800) 753-2240 to enroll.

CCI has been educating students about all aspects of the burgeoning Cannabis industry since 2008 and have trained nearly 10,000 students about the opportunities in this industry! Our full-day sessions will provide our students with a broad understanding of all aspects of participating in what is being call the “Green Rush”. CCI class attendees leave with a solid understanding of the opportunities and even the obstacles of getting started and staying compliant. We encourage questions from our students! During our session we’ll be covering:

What we will be covering:
  • Getting started in the cannabis industry
  • Is this industry right for you?
  • State laws, requirements, and your first steps
  • How to obtain a state I.D. card and become a state registered healthcare provider
  • Networking in the cannabis community
  • Jobs in the cannabis industry—what employers want and how to stand out in a competitive environment
  • Creating Your Business Plan
  • How other cannabis friendly states operate
  • Unincorporated Associations and Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corps
  • Choosing an Attorney and an Accountant: what to ask and what to look for
  • Getting Your Business License and Permits
  • Websites, Marketing Materials and Advertising
  • Insurance and Supply
  • General Business Practices
  • Choosing a Location for your Dispensary
  • Zoning, Moratoriums, Bans, Ordinances and Law Enforcement Encounters
  • Budgets for Dispensary, Delivery, Grow-Op/Edibles Op
  • Marketing and Business Strategies: Print, Online, Guerrilla, Organic and Social Media
  • Branding Yourself: What it means and how to do it
  • Price Points and Merchant Accounts
  • Banking and Advertising
  • Monitoring From Seed To Sale: Testing and Laboratories
GROWING We will have one or more of the top industry master growers on hand to give you a demonstration on growing and an overview of the industry. How to grow, how to create a compliant grow, legal limitations and requirements, and standard business practices regarding growing will be covered. Every aspect of starting a home or commercial grow will be explored. You may ask any growing and cultivation questions you may have. COOKING WITH CANNABIS We will discuss, tinctures, concentrates, oils, candies, and alternative methods of delivery. We will discuss cooking for the terminally ill and how to create custom recipes. LAW A top Criminal Attorney will go over the fundamentals of state law and federal law. He will answer all your questions about case law, marijuana law, zoning requirements, current developments in relevant cases, upcoming cases with political implications and will help to interpret rulings and recent decisions made by state and federal courts. Any and all questions about the marijuana industry will be addressed by him–Bring your list!