ICA Press Conference

Date: 10/3/2014
Contact: Robert F. Calkin or Meki Cox
Telephone: (818) 515-7600 or 800-753-2240
E-mail:  bob@cannajobs.com meki@cannabiscareerinstute.com
Website: www.cannabiscareerinstitute.com

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Inviting all Press Agencies and Interested Parties to Press Conference to Announce Monumental Cannabis Industry Action

Who: Cannabis Career Institute

What: In an aggressive move to change the public perception of the Industry and to ensure patient safety and demand medical marijuana industry compliance and self-regulation, Cannabis Career Institute partnered up with International Cannabis Association and Cannabis Integrity Authority to be the Official Instructors and Proctors of the BETA Pilot Test of the very first potentially nationwide regulated and potentially state mandated Cannabis Certification Program. This Certification Program will be tested on the Legislators attending the New York ICA Cannabis Regulatory Summit, including NY Senator Diane Savino, for approval and recommendation for potential Government Regulatory requirement.

This is the very first established and modulated Cannabis Certification Program made specifically for training and educating the cannabis professional and is designed to provide nationwide standardized expectations for the professional operations of cannabis businesses. It is the first program geared towards the industry worker, regardless of position, at entry level, and was designed to provide patient safety and best practice standards for all Cannabis Industry employers, employees, care takers, medical personnel and volunteers who communicate with or are part of the process of recommending, growing, shipping, manufacturing, processing, storing, labeling or distribution of cannabis products to consumers or patients.

Where: Universal Hilton Hotel, Salon 5
555 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City, CA 91608

Broadcasting on Live Video USTREAM Streaming

When: Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 11 am to 12 noon PST
With Capability for Interviews with Robert F. Calkin of the Cannabis Career Institute, regarding the Cannabis Certification Program afterwards either in person, online in chat room, telephonically or in an interview studio setting as required or needed, on a first come, first served basis. Please call ahead of time to schedule, or call after the broadcast time of 12 noon to ask for an interview on this monumental action.

Why: The purpose of creating professional standards and best practice training, is to raise the expectations of self-regulation and compliance in a brand new industry that has a negative past stigma. The expectation of self-regulation and compliance is necessary for industry employers, employees and volunteers to act professionally, be proud of the work they are providing, employ patient safety measure and to ensure the industry will survive for the future of patient care and other industry needs. The standards and best practice guidance will cause employers, employees and volunteers to strongly focus on quality services and quality medical marijuana products for the very ill, and provide safe products and informative education to all consumers and patients, while shaping the industry in a manner that will change the current negative perspective of the nation. Real patients currently rely on this medication, and science is proving daily that human beings are scientifically finding relief for some symptoms and in some cases finding a cure for their illness, as the cannabinoids in cannabis interact efficiently with the human endocannabinoid system. We hope to achieve this certification program as a mandated requirement for each state that legalizes or decriminalizes cannabis at any level and to provide the most accurate and defined educational and training program available.
Bringing the Press to our Conference will allow us to communicate about the Cannabis Certification Program in order to advise industry professionals that it will be available, gather support for the industry in a positive light and to educate people about cannabis as a scientific medical property that has extreme value. While we recognize recreational use, we believe that all people consuming medical marijuana, for any reason, need the same safety and compliance standards and treatment as patients who are devastatingly ill. We hope to provide the Nation’s Press interest in covering this monumental advancement in the cannabis industry for professionalism and medical patients who rely on cannabis to survive or find relief. Please join us and ask questions about the Cannabis Certification Program on Saturday at 11 am PST either online for our live broadcast at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cci-live-broadcast-feed—cannabis-industry or meet with us at the Hilton Universal in Salon 5.

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