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Jeff Riedel, MA

Director of Enrollment

After retirement from a 20 year career specializing in Logistics and Management in the U.S. Air Force, Jeff earned his Graduate Degree in Organizational Management and started a very successful career in marketing and finance.  In 2009, Jeff attended Oaksterdam University in Oakland and then was one of the first students of Cannabis Career Institute.  The CCI class proved to be inspirational as Jeff decided to escape a lucrative corporate job and went “all in” in the cannabis business.   With a well-planned business strategy, Jeff immersed himself in every aspect of the industry – from seed to sale.  Jeff’s industrious nature and business acumen helped glean amazing results.  Since the beginning of the decade, Jeff has overseen 85 cannabis harvests and has shared thousands of clones and small plants with fellow cannabis aficionados, These cultivation achievements have led Jeff to meet many growers, patients and dispensary owners as well as gain invaluable experience about medical marijuana.  As well as having a bountiful knowledge about the cannabis business, Jeff is an indoor grow operations expert who has helped dozens of new growers get their start in the cannabis business.

Will Kuss

Will Kuss has been a medical patient and grower in California since 2005.  He has his B.S. in Agronomy & Soil Science from Auburn University. He has spent time growing in Northern California, in addition to overseeing large scale medical grows in California, Arizona, Maine, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.  Will is an expert in coco & hydroponics, as well as using new lighting technology such as LEDs.  He has relocated to the East Coast to be available to consult with new dispensary and cultivation site owners.



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