Cannabis Business Management:

Complete Business Build-out

Employee staffing & training

Inventory management

Dispensaries, Cultivation, Transportation & Distribution

Accounting Management:

Strategic Business Planning

Cannabis Business Accounting

QuickBooks Services

Payroll & tax services

Cannabis Business, Start-up:

Operational Plans

Business Plans

Cannabis Corporate Fillings

Complete Turnkey Solutions

Forms and Contracts

Employee Training & Staffing :

Job training and placement

Employers; Find Qualified employees

Employees; get trained & find work

Start a new career in the cannabis industry

CCI Cannabis Business Management

You’re smart and talent. you’ve got  the ambition to want your cannabis business to the very best of the business. but throughout a competitive and unpredictable marketplace, you face challenges even the brightest businesses can’t solve. that is why we’ve created tools for cannabis businesses, delivery services, dispensaries, cultivation operations that have the ability to revitalize your marijuana business and restore optimism, confidence and certainty in your plans for fulfillment at intervals the cannabis business.

Our cannabis business management services can take you from planning to opening doors and even manage the daily operations of your cannabis business. From handling the government to company compliance, worker coaching and management , landowner education, accounting, taxes, banking, seed to-sale software system management let our team of consultants work for you.

You can specialize in different things, and maybe start another business. Let CCI Management run your cannabis business for you.

CCI Management will assist you maximize your business potential and a good come on investment.

View our Services the way of marijuana business management services within which we will facilitate your business succeed.

We’ve helped cannabis businesses throughout USA



Let CCI pay attention of you cultivation business management. With a team of expert horticulturalists,

With our management services, you’ll be able to rest assured that your cultivation business can run efficiently and effectively.

Here’s what our services will include:

City/County License acquisition

City/County license presentations

Writing City/County ordinances

Dealing with water rights issues

Waterboards certificates

Corporate compliance

Operational Plans

Business Plans

Seek out and secure location for your cultivation business

Landlord approved

Cultivation operation build-out


Financial Planning


Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Business Consulting

Employee Management & Traininig

Security Services


Tracking/Seed-to-Sale Software management




Inventory management

Branding & trademark

Day-to-day business operations

Marketing & Advertising

and much more, call us today


Marijuana Dispensary Business Management

CCI Management will provide the following business services necessary for maintaining business operations for a retail cannabis business establishment like:

Corporate compliance

Operational Plan

Business Plan

Local city/county licensing acquisition

Seek out and secure location for your business

Landlord approved,

100%% local and MCRSA compliant

Business build-out

Camera security system

Office furnishings

Business Accounting


Cash Flow Management

Hiring & training employees and managers

Human resources

Member & Customer service

Inventory control

Banking options.

Traceability software management

Branding & trademark

Inventory control

Day-to-day business operations

Marketing & Advertising


Marijuana Business Accounting

With marijuana business accounting conflicting legalities between State, Federal and local governments making an attempt to eradicate safe access, the business climate within collectives and cooperatives operate, inherently compromises public perception of their legitimacy. Several cannabis businesses & accountants don’t have the correct information and tools required to effectively be ready to file taxes.

Here’s what our services will include:

Small Business Accounting

QuickBooks Services


Part-Time CFO Services

Cash Flow Management

Bank Financing

Business Valuation

Strategic Business Planning

Succession Planning

Bookkeeping for cannabis business.


Compliance: Operating Procedure Package for Cannabis business license applicants

In Oregon, Washington & Colorado, marijuana business operating plans have to be included with the marijuana business license, and Califo rnia’s Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act & Adult Use of Marijuana Act, does state that Business Plans and Operational Procedures have to be included with the license application.

Marijuana license application

To improve the chances of having your license approved, you should have all these forms ready before submitting your license. If you don’t have these forms ready then your application will be pushed to the bottom or not get approved.

Here are some of the requirements for the Medical Cannabis regulation and safety:

Personal/criminal history statement,

Fingerprint cards,

Copy of approved identification,

Business Structure forms,

Lease information,

Floor Plans,

Operating Procedure Plan,

Financial/Source of funds statement,

Copy of bank statements and/or tax returns,


Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act marijuana license application.

Corporation formation,

TaxID number,

Seller’s Permit,

Personal/criminal history statement,

Traceability procedures,

Transportation procedures,

Security procedures,

Company policies/procedures,

Employee training manuals/agreements,

Landlord Affidavits,

Labels and packaging requirements,

Floor Plans,

The mandatory tax currency affidavit,

Destruction of waste product,

Testing procedures,

Quality control procedures,

Inventory procedures,




    Foot Link: Edibles Operation Certificates Program

Page Name: edible-certificates-marijuana-program.htm

Title: Edibles Operation & Marijuana Certificates Program

Description: Cannabis Career Institute, leadership in edible education certificate program and edibles operation. Edibles are becoming a popular alternative to smoking cannabis. Buy Medical Marijuana Edibles, Cannabis edibles, Weed Edibles online. Facts about marijuana edibles.

Text: Cannabis Career Institute Leadership in Edible Education Certificate Program

CCI is a Leadership in Edible Education Certificate Program, designed for formal and informal educators, and other professionals, who are interested in making a difference through edible education, in schools and the wider community. Cannabis Career Institute, Edible Education Certificate Program aims to help define this evolving field of study, and help students find a place for themselves in this growing educational movement.

This program is open to formal and informal educators.

Call (800) 753-2240 to speak with a sales representative immediately.


    Foot Link: Budtending Certificates Program

Page Name: budtending-school-certificates-programs.htm

Title: Budtending & Edibles Certificates Program

Description: Cannabis Career Institute the budtender school, there are many programs available to you, all certification programs. CCI is the premiere cannabis budtender training courses. The premiere cannabis school and budtender certification program is at Cannabis Career Institute

Text: Budtender Certification educates students on all the important aspects of medical marijuana so that they may make educated decisions for their own health and compassionate recommendations for the patients that they serve.

This certification will provide you with the skill-set and knowledge as it relates to the various strains of medical marijuana.

In this certification you will learn:

Budtender Skills
Medical Marijuana Legalities
Marijuana as Medicine
Marijuana Chemistry
Garden Safety and Security
Calendar and Checklist
Marijuana Lighting
Seeds and Seedlings
Clones, Cloning, and Mothers
Indoor Grow Rooms
Outdoor Marijuana Gardens
Harvesting Marijuana
Hash and Medicine
Become a Budtender and help patients receive the information and medication that they need and stand out from other candidates.

Call (800) 753-2240 to speak with a CCI representative and book your class.

Cannabis Career Institute - CCI | Training for the marijuana & cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Career Institute | CCI is the leader in business training for the marijuana & cannabis industry. Cannabis & marijuana grow classes. Businesses & certification programs learn how to open a marijuana dispensary, start your cannabis career, and grow marijuana legally or marijuana edibles / infusions in all legal states. Expert - guided cannabis certification programs on topics like marijuana growing. Start a business and make money selling weed, cannabis. How to start a marijuana / cannabis business. WE HAVE THE ANSWER, CCI provides the latest industry news of business opportunities, marijuana compliance and regulations