In July, 2013 a bill was signed making New Hampshire the 19th state  to create a system to govern the medical use of marijuana. It sought to legalize the use of medical marijuana to treat a host of conditions. Research is quickly making evident that marijuana may be the most medicinal plant in the world and efficacious in treating cancer, seizures, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, migraines, Alzhiemer’s ADD and ADHD and IBS and Crohn’s. In New Hampshire legalization specifically identifies hepatitis C, cancer, spinal cord injuries, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis as being serious enough conditions which allow patients the right to obtain medical marijuana. New Hampshire has now joined other states who have adopted medical marijuana programs to help patients whose lives are affected by debilitating conditions. This represents a historically  unprecedented opportunity for medical marijuana entrepreneurs to capitalize on legally accessing a treasure trove of information by attending CCI’s Portsmouth, New Hampshire school. This class will also cover medical marijuana rules and regulations pertaining to both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
The medical marijuana industry is projected to generate $600 billion in the U.S. annually. In an era in which most businesses have reached saturation and stagnant profits, medical marijuana represents an array of opportunities in which the only limit is an entrepreneur’s imagination. CCI’s Portsmouth school is uniquely poised to help you access a business opportunity, which if handled correctly, could far exceed all expectations. The rapidity with which states are legalizing medical marijuana points to an overwhelming conclusion: not only is the field about to undergo explosive growth, its future involves very imaginative manifestations of a variety of marijuana businesses. New Hampshire is primed to create a thriving cannabis business community in the state. Hundreds of operations from cultivation sites and dispensaries to edibles manufacturers and  ancillary firms will be created in the next 18 months, generating millions of dollars in revenue. Medical marijuana related businesses are going to experience phenomenal growth in the future.
Conservatively speaking, according to Robert Calkin, one of the nation’s premier medical marijuana experts and founder and CEO  of CCI (and one of the school’s instructors), the average dedicated and focused dispensary owner that lawfully grows and distributes medical marijuana can potentially earn upwards of $10,000 per day and an average master grower can realize $250,000 a year. Profits like this can be easily achieved, if a person possesses a thorough understanding and diligently applies the knowledge they will gain by attending the school.
The Cannabis Career Institute offers educational classes and nationally recognized instructors guiding prospective medical marijuana business owners in the art and science of establishing and maintaining  successful, legal delivery and dispensary businesses. The classes will focus on the latest legal and compliance aspects, marketing, operating, budgeting, growing, cooking, and more. CCI has been launching full-range medical marijuana classes throughout the nation for over five years. Taught by highly skilled instructors, students will be armed with the knowledge they need to open and run their own legal medical marijuana businesses.
The enrollment fee is $299. This may seem like a lot for a day’s worth of instruction, but consulting with an attorney for just an hour can be $300. There will be at least five cannabis industry experts at this class, sometimes as many as ten or more. All of these experts will empower you with the necessary knowledge you need to achieve a thriving business.
The all-day school will be held on Saturday, December 7th, 2013 at the Hilton Garden Inn, 100 High Street, Portsmouth NH.  Classes are from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Entrepreneurs and students will get a very solid foundation in learning the principles required to establish a successful business. Additionally, they will personally meet and engage with leading experts in the medical marijuana field such as accountants, attorneys, grow experts and edibles and strain experts. Students also have the option of purchasing the accompanying textbook, as well as a wealth of training materials at the class and online.
Class size is very limited. Please enroll now at or by calling (800) 753-2240
About Cannabis Career Institute (CCI)
Cannabis Career Institute (CCI),, was founded in March 2008 by Robert Calkin, and is now the second oldest school in the nation. There are over 1500 successful graduates, currently hailing from at least 10 U.S. cities, including Sacramento, Phoenix, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. CCI is experiencing phenomenal growth this year. We are planning on launching medical marijuana curricula in 30 or more U.S. and Canadian cities. The content of our curricula is based on stellar levels of expertise thoroughly grounded in the most current laws and regulations.
More then just emphasizing the delivery of medical marijuana, CCI classes are focused on providing comprehensive and complete medical marijuana business education – incorporating legal aspects, dispensary business planning and the marketing principles necessary to be successful in this burgeoning industry. CCI makes you self-reliant but also completely complaint with the prevailing medical marijuana laws of Nevada.

In addition to hosting a growing number of expository classes around the country. CCI offers a wide array of other existing cannabis career opportunities: jobs, online classes, individualized consultations on delivery, dispensing, cooking and other services in accordance with prevailing laws.

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