Raleigh North Carolina December 14th

How to open a Dispensary.  How to start a Delivery Business.  How to Cook with Medical Marijuana.  We give you a head start how to open a business the legal way and how to go about it the correct way.Our Main Seminar focuses on Starting A Business In The Medical Marijuana Industry not only in California but in any state that has passed laws allowing the Medical Marijuana Patient Program.  WWW.CANNABISCAREERINSTITUTE.COM

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Here are some of the benefits of attending Cannabis Career Institute’s Main Seminar:

Learn how to be a registered Medicinal Marijuana Patient under state law, and how to form a Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Collective. You will also learn How To Start A Medical Marijuana Dispensary and a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service so you can safely distribute medicine to patients.

You will hear all about the legal issues surrounding operating a Medical Marijuana Business from attorneys who specialize in Medical Marijuana Law and have a proven track record–ask them any questions you may have.

You will learn about Medical Marijuana Business Licenses, Marijuana Business Permits, what the start up costs of a Marijuana Business are and how long it takes to start a Marijuana Dispensary OR ANY OTHER Medical Marijuana Business.

Learn how to grow the best Medical Marijuana for your patients, ask our expert instructors your toughest questions on any subject about growing Medical Marijuana.

Learn from highly skilled instructors about how to make Medical Marijuana Edibles such as cookies, brownies, cakes, and butter. Even concentrates like Hash and Tinctures.

Interact with people in your field and make new contacts and start your business off right. We will even help you with the necessary paper work, help with location finding and much more. We are here to ensure your success in your new career.

Cannabis Career Institute is committed to your marijuana business, and we are with you every step of the way! 800 753 2240 call now…seating is limited!

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