A new study, conducted by Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles from the Montreal General Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada, examined the relationship between medical marijuana and the alleviation of fibromyalgia symptoms.


“According to the study, approximately 10% of patients suffering from fibromyalgia use medical marijuana to ease their symptoms. Other studies show that Medical Marijuana may be more effective at treating the disease than traditional prescription drugs.

Along with her colleagues, Fitzcharles surveyed 302 patients with fibromyalgia and 155 patients who suffered from other forms of chronic pain. Of those who participated, 13% were given cannabinoids to treat their symptoms and 80% were given marijuana.

72% of the patients who used marijuana reported using one gram or less per day to alleviate their symptoms.



With almost 3/4th of patients reported using one gram or less a day and with prescription drug costs rising, it’s no wonder these companies dislike this plant.

The list of strains below have well documented beneficial effects for treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

1. Cannatonic – Hybrid strain that helps is a painkiller and very calming/soothing.

2. Dieseltonic – Cross of NYC Diesel/Cannatonic.

3. Z7 – Cross of Sensi-star/Cannatonic.

4. Blackjack – Cross of Jack Horror/Black Domina. Sativa dominate strain and helps with depression and nausea.

5. Chem 4 – Chemdog phenotype. Indica dominate strain and helps with severe pain.

6. Silver Pearl – Cross of Northern Lights #5/Skunk/Early Pearl. Sativa strain that helps with migraines and productivity.

7. Grape Ape – Indica strain that helps with stress relief, nervousness and chronic pain.

8. AK Berry – Cross of AK-47/Blueberry. Hybrid strain with a sativa punch of AK and the pain relief of Blueberry.

9. Blue Dream – Hybrid strain that helps with relaxing and daytime pain relief.

10. Permafrost – Cross of Trainwreck/White Widow. Hybrid strain that helps with stress and anxiety.


Info on the strains: