Written by: Kayleigh Dinsdale

Medical marijuana patients are facing employment discrimination across the nation. The most recent case comes from Chistine Callaghan, a registered medical marijuana patient in the state of Rhode Island. Callaghan was denied a job due to her choice of medicine.
In the Medical Marijuana Act it states “21-28.6-4 (b) No school, employer or landlord may refuse to enroll, employ or lease to or otherwise penalize a person solely for his or her status as a registered qualifying patient or a registered primary caregiver.” Callaghan suffers from chronic pain from migraines, which qualifies her use of medical cannabis use in the state of Rhode Island. While Callaghan awaits a resolution, there has been various other situations nationwide dealing the same discrimination.

In 2012 the case Curry v. MillerCoors sings the same song as Callaghan’s, an employee was fired for the use of medical marijuana with a state license. The victim Paul Curry charged for discriminatory employment after disclosing his medical issue. However the results set a continuing pattern for like cases. The use of medical cannabis doesn’t qualify under ‘lawful activity’ despite state legalization, leaving patients unprotected.

Likewise in the Ross v. Ragingwire Telecommunications Gary Ross filed for discrimination according of the California Fair Employment and Housing ACT (FEHA). Beginning in 2005 over the course of three years he was supported by the American Nurses Association, had a national medical based brief, and the authors of SB 420 among many rights groups.His complaints and plead for equal rights fell deaf on the California Supreme Court’s ear as they dismissed the case stating employers do not need to adjust for medial marijuana users, regardless of state registration.

A solution many cannabis users have chosen is to simply join the industry. Prohibition is rapidly coming to an end and opening up every corner of the marijuana business. Cannabis related jobs are bursting everywhere whether it is a dispensary or a clothing line. Conventions and expos are offered nationwide about the product itself, the business aspects and other basic knowledge of the marijuana industry where little discrimination will be found. is a one of a kind company that directly connects jobs seekers and business owners through one site. Marijuana related jobs are posted on the front page describing the position, location and hours. On their posting page a one click link will allow you to submit an application. Working inside these businesses will allow for an open work environment you can appreciate and feel safe.

Another option for the entrepreneur is attending Cannabis Career Institute class. Offered nationally, these classes cover everything it takes to build your own business. Expert instructors will cover everything from marketing to insurance, allowing time for any unanswered questions. Involving any prior skills obtained in the work field may be applied to endless companies from building, gardening, baking and office work.

The fight to end prohibition and spread equality is still just beginning. By broadening the cannabis community and industry the truth is finally being told and education is reaching all corners of the nation.