With the number of patients touting marijuana’s medical benefits in regards to pain management, legislators from all over the country are now taking a second look at the plant. More and more states have decriminalized it, made it legal from medical use and even all of the above including recreational use. States like Colorado and Washington are reaping in the benefits from an increased tax revenue and even lower crime rates.

Below is a list of the top 25 medical marijuana strains.

1. White Berry

This hybrid has a sativa head effect with an indica style body sensation with consumed in higher quantities. White berry has a sweet, blueberry and berry flavor and taste.

It helps relieve muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome, stress and depression.



This hybrid provides a classic stoned feeling. The flavor and taste has been described as earthy, diesel and ammonia.

Appetite is increased and ocular pressure is decreased which is great for glaucoma sufferers. This strain also helps with those with stress and depression.


3. Dr. Grinspoon

This strain is a pure sativa. It was named after long time cannabis advocate and noted researcher Dr. Lester Grinspoon. It induces heightened cerebal activity and sensory awareness. The smell and taste is described as woody, flowery and pungent.

Patients with mood disorders, attention deficit, chronic pain including spinal cord injuries and hypertension experience relief from this strain.


4. Blue Dreams

Blue dreams is a sativa- dominant strain that has achieved “legendary status among West Coast Strains” according the This strain provides full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. It has a sweet blueberry taste and flavor.

It’s medicinal benefits relieve depression, stress and nausea to name a few and it provides swift symptom relief without the heavy sedative effect.


5. G-13 Haze

This hybrid strain provides an uplifting sensation while still retaining heavy hitting indica undertones. It has a pungent smell and has an earthy and sage taste. This is not for beginner users.

Patients find relief with anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, migraines and anorexia.


6. Canna Sutra

This indica dominant strain provides an uplifting, euphoric feeling with a cerebral stimulation type of buzz.

It helps with relieving symptoms of depression, migraines, chronic pain and even asthma.


7. Lavender

Lavender is an indica strain that produces a relaxing high for patients. It has a (you guess it) lavendar scent that’s also flowery and sweet.

Patients with insomnia and anxiety can expect relief from this strain.


8. Crimea Blue

Crimea Blue is a hybrid strain that relaxes patients and even increases their happiness. It has a berry, butter and tea flavor and scent.

Patients with MS, stress, fatigue, insomnia and even gastrointestinal disorders can receive relief from medicating with this.


9. Nigerian

The Nigerian strain is a pure sativa. Patients can expect a rising high to begin with and an “enjoyable ride” afterwards.

It has been noted to treat PTSD, depression and some forms of anxiety.


9. Mazar

Mazar is an indica strain with strong sedating properties. It has an earthy, woody and cheese smell and taste.

Those suffering from anxiety, pain, insomnia and perhaps Alzheimer’s can benefit greatly from this strain.


10. Purple Kush

One of the most popular strains, Purple Kush, is a pure indica. It has been noted to provide long-lasting euphoria while also providing physical relaxation. It has a sweet, earthy taste and a pungent scent.

Those dealing with chronic pain and depression can benefit from Purple Kush.


11. Satori

Satori is also a hybrid who is best suited to those with a higher THC tolerance. It’s described to having an earthy, spicy/herbal and berry scent and taste.

Users point out it’s ability to ease depression and anxiety.


12. Romulan

For Star Trek fans, we present the Romulan strain which is an indica. Its effect is a deep sedating relaxation! It has a pine, earthy and woody scent and taste.

Patients with muscle spasms and nerve damage can benefit from its therapeutic qualities.


13. S.A.G.E

Standing for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equlibrium, it has a long lasting and uplifting high. Users also like the sandlewood scent.

SAGE can help with mood swings and PTSD.


14. Vortex

This sativa has a fruity scent and a spicy/herbal sweet taste.

Those who are unable to eat or those who want to increase their appetite will find this strain useful.


15. Jack Herer

Named and bred after the late marijuana activist Jack Herer, this sativa is known for its blissful, clear-headed, creative high it gives its patients. It has an earthy, pine and woody taste and scent.

It helps with anxiety and fibromyalgia.


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